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IDEAL TAROT CARDS FOR BEGINNERS & EXPERIENCED READERS: *Miriyan has the ideal tarot decks for a beginner seeking direction about the present or the future and even for a seasoned hand in the ways of the tarot. *The card artwork is easy enough to begin your tarot journey, but complex enough for those who are able to dig deep to find more meaning.

ORIGINAL TAROT CARDS TO PROVIDE GUIDANCE & ENERGY: *Seek guidance from this Tarot Deck on life, career, or relationships *Connect deeply with each tarot card due to the beautiful linen texture on both sides of these durable, high-quality 350gsm weight tarot cards. *This tarot deck is the ideal size for everyday tarot use and is comprised of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

MIRIYAN Classic Tarot Cards Deck


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